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The most comprehensive peer-reviewed reference database on biopharma alliances, sponsored by the founders who brought you Recap.com, the gold standard in tracking and analyzing biopharma alliances for two decades. BiosciDB is now part of Evaluate Ltd.

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Use the Best Resources - BiosciDB
Use the Best Resources

Access three decades of publicly filed biopharma alliances, including foiacount unredacted contracts obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) disclosures.

Collaborate With Professionals - BiosciDB
Collaborate With Professionals

Biopharma licensing professionals and other interested parties can join in to inspect, analyze, share and enhance best practices in negotiating, structuring, and managing alliances.

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Strengthen Your Career

We attract and retain highly qualified deal-doers as Contributors. Participation in our network should become a key aspect of your resume, expertise and name recognition.