Product Features

When you combine over 11,000 FOIA-requested, unredacted biopharma alliances and a never-before-seen system of tools, queries, and crowd-sourcing,
tracking and analyzing within the industry is now more powerful than ever!

Inspect Key Deal Provisions

After tagging any number of alliances, key deal provisions can quickly be searched, with the original contract language available for inspection.

In this example, the sales milestone language of the Osiris/Genzyme alliance is just one of more than 100 contract sections retrieved using the Tagged Provisions search engine. Here’s a link to the full FOIA contract from which this tag was made.

We’ve assembled a group of 35 key deal provisions for which hundreds of important biopharma alliances have already been tagged. Here’s a link to the list of Core Tags. We anticipate this list will grow quickly as Contributors join the BiosciDB Network.

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Inspect Osiris/Genzyme Alliance Provision - BiosciDB

Find Deal Comparables

Our search engine uses more than 100 Alliance Keywords, gleaned over twenty years of experience with tracking biopharma alliances.

It is structured to reflect the evolution of technologies, therapeutic areas and deal scope, as well as the changing ownership of compounds and companies over time. Other comparables can be identified easily, for example:

  • Which late stage cancer deals were ex-US?
  • What discovery stage biopharma alliances has Novartis struck over the past five years?
  • Which preclinical stage alliances have a co-promotion option?
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Search Alliance Keywords - BiosciDB

Compare Financial Terms

BiosciDB offers insights into market terms and trends available nowhere else.

For example, post-commercialization payments are categorized by type and applied against standardized sales levels to allow deal-to-deal comparability.

Meaningful negotiation tradeoff can be analyzed, for example:

  • What is the impact of upfront payments on a deal’s effective royalty rate?
  • How much more are humanized monoclonal deals worth if in the clinic at signing?
  • Do deals for orphan indications command a premium?
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Orphan Premium - BiosciDB

Identify Best Practices in Deal Drafting

BioSciDB will promote rapid dissemination and emulation of best practices in contract drafting and facilitate peer recognition of expertise in alliance negotiation.

Heavily negotiated contract provisions can be optimized, for example:

  • What royalty-stacking language should I adopt?
  • What is my exposure to variability in net sales deductions?
  • Is there an optimal standstill provision?
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Identify Best Practices in Deal Drafting - BiosciDB